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01 February 2012 @ 11:01 am
New USB redirection features, USB redirection talk @FOSDEM  
usbredir-0.3.3, spice-0.10.1, spice-gtk-0.9 have been recently released upstream and are available in Fedora-16 updates[-testing] and are chock-full of new USB redirection features & fixes:
  • Improved compatibility various usb mass storages devices which would not work before are working now
  • You no longer need to run spicy as root to use USB redirection, when running as a normal user you will now get a PolicyKit dialog asking you for the root password. You can change this by editing: /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.spice-space.lowlevelusbaccess.policy and setting <allow_active> to "yes". Note that this will give any local users of your machine FULL access to any USB devices plugged in!
  • You can now redirect already plugged in devices / un-redirect devices without unplugging them, go to the
    Input menu and click "Select USB Devices for redirection".
  • Filtering for auto-redirection, you can now specify a filter for auto redirection using --spice-usbredir-auto-redirect-filter=<filter-string>. Standard a filter is in place to avoid redirection of HID devices, so that if you've a glitch on your USB bus, or plug a mouse into a laptop it no longer gets swallowed by the vm making it unavailable to the client.
I'll be at FOSDEM this weekend, and I'll give a talk about Spice, sheets here. As well as a talk about USB redirection, sheets here. Besides me there will be 4 other people from the Spice team there, be sure to also watch their talks about XSpice and Boxes. If you have any question about Spice, or just want talk to us, FOSDEM is an excellent opportunity to do so!

While I'm plugging talks @FOSDEM, there will also be lots of other talks from Red Hat speakers.

Enjoy, and be sure to send any feedback you may have my way!
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