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31 March 2010 @ 02:19 pm
Using mini (keychain) digital picture frames under Linux (part 2)  
Hi all,

As explained in my previous blog post I've been working on getting small digital picture frames to work under Linux. With small digital picture frames I mean 1.1, 1.5, 1.8 and 2.4 inch (often keychain) models, with build in flash memory.

In my previous post I talked about my adventures in getting Sitronix st2205 based frames working, and I mentioned that I (accidentally) also bought some other frames which were based on the Appotech ax203 chipset. In the mean time I've also added support to libgphoto2 for uploading / downloading pictures to ax203 based devices. So if you have a picture frame with one of the following usb ID's:
USB-IDChipsetSupport status in libgphoto2
1403:0001st2205supported in svn libgphoto2-2_4 branch and trunk
1908:1315ax203 with firmware ver 3.3.xsupported in svn libgphoto2-2_4 branch and trunk (*)
1908:1320ax203 with firmware ver 3.4.xsupported in svn libgphoto2-2_4 branch and trunk
1908:0102ax206 with firmware ver 3.5.xsupported in svn libgphoto2-2_4 branch and trunk

You can use it with Linux now, see here for instructions how to install libgphoto2 from svn and start uploading your pictures today :)

As with the st2205 frames in case of the ax206 (1908:0102) based frames the picture (de)compression algorithm was a problem and I once more owe a big thanks to Bertrik Sikken for helping me out with it. We (again) followed a clean room procedure, were he wrote a description based on disassembling the windows code, which I then coded.

See ya,