Hans de Goede (hansdegoede) wrote,
Hans de Goede

Fedora moving to libusbx and announcing libusbx

I'm happy to announce the existence of libusbx, a fork of libusb,. a bit late I must admit, as libusbx has been available for a while now, but as one of the people behind it I still wanted to mention it on my blog.

The libusbx fork was started by various libusb-1.0 developers (almost all of them), because the official maintainer of libusb-1.0 refused to do any stable / tarbal releases for over 18 months and in general was very slow with merging new developments and fixes.

Anyways, lets not look backwards, but forwards towards what looks to be a bright new future with libusbx :)

For more info on libusbx see the libusbx wiki.

I'm currently working on moving Fedora over to libusbx, you can find the Rename Review Request here.
Tags: fedora, spice
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