Hans de Goede (hansdegoede) wrote,
Hans de Goede

Xorg without root rights now available in Fedora

Xorg without root rights is now available in Fedora rawhide. Currently the suid root wrapper which is intended for ums compatbility is configured to run the server as root by default even on kms using setups, because starting Xorg as a normal user requires the display manager to set up its session and tty as it can no longer do that itself, and non of the display managers are ready to do this yet.

Still you can test running Xorg as user if you want, create a file called /etc/X11/Xwrapper.config with the following line in there: "needs_root_rights = auto" the default for "needs_root_rights" currently is "yes" rather then "auto" because of the display managers not being ready yet. Then switch to a text console (ctrl + alt + F2) log in as a regular user and run: "startx". Now do "ps aux" and you should see a (second) Xorg process running as a normal user.

If you're running rawhide and have some time to spare I would appreciate it if you can give this a try, and let me know if you see any issues running Xorg as normal user. Don't forget to remove the /etc/X11/Xwrapper.config file you've created after testing so that you don't break your graphical login screen.
Tags: fedora, kernel, spice, xorg
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