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09 August 2014 @ 05:57 pm
Installing squeezeboxserver on a Fedora 21 ARM machine  
I spend a significant amount of time to get $subject to work, so I thought I would share a step by step howto here for others who want to do the same:

  1. Download all the .src.rpm files found here

  2. Build all the src.rpm files

  3. Install all the build packages except for the debuginfo packages, note if you already have perl-IO-AIO you need to downgrade it to the version just build, squeezebox server does not work with the newer version in Fedora

  4. Edit /etc/yum.conf and /etc/dnf/dnf.conf and to both add a "excludes=per-IO-AIO" line

  5. Download the squeezeboxserver noarch rpm here and install it

  6. Note this rpm is not really noarch, it contains some perl modules which are written in C, it comes with precompiled .so files for many different perl and cpu flavors but not one which will work with F-21 ARM.

  7. We need to replace these with system installed CPAN modules, both those we've just build + some from the Fedora repos

  8. A second problem is that the CPAN dir included with the squeezeboxserver rpm comes first in its search-path, so the .pm files shipped with squeezeboxserver will get used, together with the .so files from the system packages, and unless the module versions match this will fail. So we will need to remove a bunch of .pm files from /usr/share/squeezeboxserver/CPAN, but only those for modules which we want to replace with system ones

  9. I've made a script installing the additional perl-* packages needed, as well as removing the .pm files which need to be removed, download it here

  10. Run the script as root by doing "sh squeezeboxserver-bin-deps"

  11. As root do: "systemctl stop squeezeboxserver.service; systemctl start squeezeboxserver.service"

  12. Now you can point your browser to http://ip-of-your-ARM-box:9000/

  13. Enjoy

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