Hans de Goede (hansdegoede) wrote,
Hans de Goede

Fedora 10 Better Webcam Support status update

Hi all,

First of all some very good news: gspca has been merged into the mainline for 2.6.27 (yes!), but in order for it to be acceptable there the decoding of many cam specific custom video formats had to be ripped out (and rightfully so!).

As blogged before I've written a userspace conversion library for this, which offers transparent conversion to more normal formats fully mimicking the /dev/video API (just replace open with v4l2_open, ioctl with v4l2_ioctl, etc) and this library has been merged as part of the v4l-dvb project (yes again). But now I need to write patches for all v4l using applications in Fedora, which since the API is the same isn't hard, but does take some work, and all of that work then also needs to be send upstream.

So if you maintain a v4l using application / lib in Fedora, expect a bugzilla ticket with a patch from me soon, and yes I'll be sending all these upstream. But I'll stop babbling and make myself useful and start packaging libv4l itself :)
Tags: fedora, kernel

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