Hans de Goede (hansdegoede) wrote,
Hans de Goede

Become a Fedora packager during Fudcon Brno

Hi All,

I will be leading the "Becoming a Fedora Package Maintainer" FUDCon hackfest session on Friday (and to be continued for those who want it on Sunday), and I would like to share my plans with you, and hopefully make you enthusiastic to participate.

OK first of all lets start what this will not be, this session will NOT be a talk about packaging in general nor will it be a talk about the Packaging Guidelines. More in general this session will not be about me or someone talking about packaging, it will be all about getting the attendees to do packaging, so it will be as much hands on as possible.

The plan is to organize a workshop where any attendees will be guided through all the steps of becoming a packagemaintainer by an experienced packager (me, help from other packagers much welcome), so basicly we will be going through:

Please don't get intimidated by the long list of steps there, most are just formalities like setting up an account (very simple now a days), we will be focussing on step 1.1.5, creating the actual package, step 1.1.8, getting your packaged reviewed, and then step 1.1.11, getting yourself sponsored. If all goes well and you (the attendee) show good understanding of packaging, chances are I will sponsor you at the end of the day, or we can continue Sunday and I'll sponsor you Sunday, so that at the end of the weekend you have become a Fedora Package Maintainer and will be maintaining atleast 1 package (with hopefully many more to follow).

The schedule for Friday is:
  • Short (20 - 30 minutes) packaging howto, focussing on creating packages and the anatonomy of a specfile
  • Helping all attendees picking something to package and avoid duplicates, for ideas for software to package see: fedoraproject.org/wiki/PackageMaintainers/WishList
  • All attendees start working on creating a package, don't be shy to ask questions!
  • Lunch?
  • A short talk about reviews
  • Attendees who have finished their packages start reviewing each others packages, again don't be shy to ask questions!
  • Depending on how well things go, some (most?) attendees may get sponsored and CVS module creation requests will be done for their new packages.

All attendeed must bring a laptop (with Fedora on it, not Mac OS X!!) and should preferably already have done the following:
yum groupinstall buildsys-build
yum install fedora-packager

Also if you have a 64 it capable laptop PLEASE install a 64 bit version of Fedora on it (if not done already) various common packaging issues will only show up on 64 bit systems.

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