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26 May 2009 @ 08:16 pm
libv4l: Now with whitebalance and gamma correction  
Hi all,

I'm happy to announce a new libv4l which adds support for video processing / filters to improve the image quality with some webcams. With certain cheap webcams this makes the image quality a lot better!

Please give it a try, to try it out do:
yum install--enablerepo=updates-testing libv4l v4l2ucp

This probably will not work yet for those of you already running F-11, in that case download the rpms from here and install them manually:

Then run v4l2ucp, you should now amongst other controls see 2 controls labelled: "Whitebalance (software)" and "Gamma (software)". If you do not see these 2 controls, you've a cam which does not need conversion (delivers frame data in plain YUV or RGB all by itself), most likely a UVC based webcam, where doing this in software is not needed.

For most cams the Whitebalance control is disabled by default and the Gamma defaults to 1000 (1.0), which means it is also effectively disabled. libv4l already recognizes some cams which get a significant better picture with Whitebalance and or gamma correction active, and will enable it be default on these cams.

This is where I need your help, start a webcam appplication, cheese for example and then try enabling the whitebalance and try playing with the Gamma slider. If either of them significantly improves the picture quality please drop me a mail which setting is best for your cam and don't forget to include the USB-ID's then I'll include those settings as default settings for cams with that ID.
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