Hans de Goede (hansdegoede) wrote,
Hans de Goede

Linuxtag & Webcams

Hi all,

I'll be going to Linuxtag, or rather to the Fudcon which is held partially overlapping and after Linuxtag. Recently I've been able to make some more time free to work on v4l / webcams and I've been making some nice progress with some things I've wanted to fix for a long time now. so I'm going to do another Better Webcam Support as a Feature during the F-12 cycle, see the updated Feature page:

As such I'm planning on doing a (one man?) hack session for webcam support during Fudcon, and I would like to invite everyone to bring their webcams! Esp once which are not working, or are working poorly. Preferably to donate them so
I have some more different models to test with, but I'll also be very happy to just play a bit with them during the Fudcon.

So for those who looked at the feature page and noticed I already have 37 cams, why do I need so much cams ? Well thats quite simple a cam consists of a sensor which captures the actual image and a separate bridge which compresses it and transfers it over usb. And each combination of these 2 often requires totally different register writes for both the
bridge and the sensor to get the combination to work. So lets say we have 15 different bridges and 15 different sensors, then in total we've 225 different combinations, in my experience sofar the real number of existing webcams which need their own peculiar way of driving them isn't all that far away from this number.

So given that each bridge / sensor combo is unique, the easiest way for me to reproduce and fix problems is actually holding a cam, or one which is very much alike in my hands.
Tags: fedora, kernel

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